The world’s first voice-based age verification system launched

Congrats to Hammerteam portfolio company privately. Age estimation solution based on voice, image and text is a key component for many uses cases providing age conform access to content and products either online (Metaverse, e-commerce, social) or offline (self checkout). This certified solution is the only privacy preserving solution globally, as the ML models used for the age estimation are on the device and unlike the competition no content (pictures, audio or text) are being sent to a server for processing.

VoiceAssure: The world’s first voice-based age verification system is LIVE:
Team Privately SA has now successfully deployed the world’s first voice-based age verification system in partnership with VerifyMyAge, a leading AV solutions provider. Privately’s Voiceassure has been in operation for about 2 months now and effectively age-gated access to content for a leading adult website. VoiceAssure is a machine based age verification system that infers the speaker’s age on the basis of an audio sample. The user would need to read a random sentence provided on their screen correctly to provide such a sample. Implemented both as an on-web and on-device service , VoiceAssure addresses a number of unique use cases that include a light-touch age gating of restricted sections of adult themed products and services like vaping and gambling but also on-device #web3 environments where user voice is available for age-appropriate adaptation of an app , web experiences or targeted advertising. 100% #privacybydesign implementation is possible as the technology can run on the user’s browser/device ( #edgeAI)without needing the user’s data to ever leave their device. If you are interested to know more please get in touch.