AI start-up Privately launches Online Child Safety AI technology with the BBC

AI start-up Privately launches Online Child Safety AI technology in collaboration with the BBC

The BBC has launched its Own it mobile application to help to promote young people’s online wellbeing, in which Artificial intelligence (AI) start-up Privately has been a major technology partner.

For the Own It project, Privately has collaborated with the BBC to develop software that uses AI to detect well-being and online safety markers of the child and create the basis of providing tailored real-time help and guidance as they interact with their device and the specific Internet services.

The app helps children manage difficult situations, offering advice, support and interventions to address issues like cyberbullying, privacy and sharing of personal information to help young children make better choices and develop resilience in the digital world.

With the Own It app, the BBC and Privately have taken a child-centric approach that will empower, support and educate children with a fun and engaging experience, without imposing the blocks, restrictions or filters of traditional parental monitoring and control software. The technology that has been co-developed is at the heart of this approach.

Privately, a Lausanne, Switzerland based start-up, is a pioneer in developing child-focused, AI based, GDPR compliant solutions for online safety and wellbeing of children.

“The privacy preserving AI element of the Own it application that was developed through this collaboration is an industry first,” said Deepak Tewari, CEO and co-founder, Privately. “This technology is now suitable as a powerful child-led solution for keeping children safe online for use by app developers, gaming companies and device manufacturers.

The company is working with a number of global clients and has announced the addition of two high profile advisors to its board – Robert Wigley, Chairman of UK Finance and Dr. Richard Graham, well- known psychologist and Director at Good Thinking.


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